GPW (Gujarati Pariwar (Waikato) Inc.) can be what you want it to be. Get Involved!

There can’t be GPW without members to support them. So If you are a person of Gujarati descent, please join the organization by becoming either an Individual or family member. GPW preserves, and celebrates our culture and special festivals/events. It provides you with a forum for exchange of social and cultural views.

We encourage you to become a member of Gujarati Pariwar (Waikato) Inc and enjoy the benefits. Membership dues help to fund many programs that we bring throughout the year.

With the help of every member, our goals and dreams can be reality. We encourage each and every family to participate in GPW by becoming a member and participate in its activities and help grow together.

GPW is a window into Gujarati cultural heritage. For you, for your youngsters, and for the local New Zealand community

GPW is an outlet for you and for your youngsters to develop culturally

GPW is involved in community causes, here and in India

Your active participation can make many more things happen in GPW

Above all,GPW is an organization to belong to, for all of us, who either have roots in India or interest in India and have made our home in Conneciticut.

GPW is a very active organization. It provides activities for adults, children and senior citizens all year round. There are cultural, religious and fun filled activities. For more information on activities click on items below

you can become a GPW member by filling out the membership form and sending in the appropriate fee.

We welcome you as a member of the Gujarati Pariwar (Waikato) and look forward to your active involvement.

Why join Gujarati Pariwar?

Since 2016 Gujarati Pariwar (Waikato) Inc offers fun-filled activities as well as cultural and community events for all age groups throughout the year. For a nominal fee, your returns are HUGE!

Cultural Connection

Excellent opportunity to become a part of the emerging Indian community. You will meet gujarati professionals, business owners, and have enormous networking opportunities. This is an excellent opportunity to develop a social circle and make new and life long friends. And who knows…you may even find some old connections too!

Celebrations of Events

We celebrate festivals and community events with true spirit combined with great cultural and food aspects.

  • Blood Camp Donation
  • Yoga & Sprot Day
  • Holi : One full day of musical events amalgamated with skits & other dance programs.
  • Navratri : GPW hires professional Singers/Music Group to perform those melodious Garba/Rass tunes.
  • Diwali : We celebrate diwali togather, and serve delicious authentic Gujarati food.
  • Gayatri Jayanti
  • Nand Mahotsav
  • Ganesh Chaturthi etc
  • Special Events throughout the year

… and much more that cannot be listed in words!   So why wait? Join the growing gujarati community. Becoming part of GPW takes less than 2 minutes of your efforts, so lets get started!

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