Namaste, Kia Ora

” Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat…”

“Connecting Gujaraties with Gujaraties”

Gujarati Pariwar Waikato Inc is a non-profit organisation. This website is dedicated for all the Gujaratis residing in New Zealand, with the intention to keep each other connected. Gujarati Pariwar Waikato is committed towards the progress of enlightening the community and our fundamental approach to this is by encouraging the new generation ahead. Our purpose is to preserve the heritage & customs of Gujarati Culture.

Our motto  is Sanskar, Sanskriti and Sahyog.

Sanskar: Preserving the values of our mother nation and instilling them in our future generations

Sanskriti: Our culture; which is the most valuable inheritance that we can leave for our next successors.

Sahyog: Unity through people for perseverance and preservance of our traditions.

Gujarati Pariwar Waikato’s vision is to help the Gujarati community to prosper in life while still maintaining a positive focus on serving the community. We invite all Gujaratis from all across  New Zealand to be part of this initiative and share their thoughts and ideas.